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Throughout the history of art, women have been relegated to the passive subject   position. Changing this standing point is a fundamental step not only in recognising female artists as a proactive element in the creation of art, but also in the detachment of patriarchal norms and expectations within the visual creation process.

For International Women’s Month we remember that it is crucial to shift the statistics where the percentage of female bodies painted exceeds by 68% the number of female artists displayed in contemporary museums . We celebrate the creativity and mastery of all the women who are part of the art world, while also acknowledging and remembering that this has not been the case for the vast majority of history. 

The bias of formal art institutions is one of the main obstacles that female artists have to face. This is one of the reasons why in Galerie SLP we advocate for an intersectional feminism, through which we share our space to give a voice to all the different women's experiences. 

Written by Marta Corbí Aleixandre

PC: Pictorem

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