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Vernissage: The Fate of The Orchids

Updated: Jan 5

On Saturday April 1st, we had the pleasure to open up Daniel Sambo-Richter's current solo exhibition at Galerie SLP. Friends and family of the gallery and the artist as well as other artists, curators, collectors and art lovers came together and created a lively atmosphere in celebration of "The Fate of The Orchids".

As the doors of Galerie SLP opened, guests were greeted with the pulsating beats of Hadron Sounds who acted as our DJ, setting the tone for an evening of art and environmentalism. The gallery was abuzz with excitement as a diverse audience from around the world eagerly immersed themselves in the works of Daniel Sambo-Richter. Against the backdrop of his captivating art, viewers were drawn into a thought provoking exploration of the intricate relationships between the different works on display. The artist's deft use of hues and tones resonated with the audience, evoking emotions and reflections on the pressing environmental and social issues of our time.

The impressive life-size dyptych works "Four No More" and "Land without Name", that were harmoniously displayed, encouraging our guests to dwell in their almost tangible aura. At the same time the interplay of Sambo-Richter's "Zugang", "Two Fingers", "Ferne" and "Cover", is brought to the fore through our curatorial arrangement, creating a unique continuity, as all of the works play with perspective and panoramic views.

– Finn Dittmer

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