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This Saturday the new exhibition "The Fate of the Orchids" will be opened. For the first time in six months, we will be showing a solo exhibition. Daniel Sambo-Richter shows discords about different topics in his oeuvre.

The first process in his artistic working is to find a theme for his paintings by observing those things, that surround us. Often, hot topics with a high demand for discourse serve as inspiration for his sujets. Sambo-Richter's subjective perception of what is happening forces him to ask: "How do I put that on a canvas?" bringing him to the second, more formal process.

To him it is important, that different problems require different ways of displaying and representation. Violence and arbitrariness of war is, for example, represented through portraits of victims, perpetrators or silent bystanders. Landscapes on the other hand represent the complexity of the human psyche. His pictures always return to societal questions and their answers. They are observations of past or outdated norms, descriptions of shifting values and worldviews. Reality, as it is perceived through his eyes, is transformed into a visual subject, analysed and reinterpreted. Contemporary historiography is put into question and retold in a metaphoric manner.

- Véro Seibert

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