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Victor Hensel-Coe




Hensel Coe | British photographer who draws from his experience in fashion, portraiture, club, and documentary photography to tell his stories. With influences ranging from David Lachapelle to Carravagio, this artist highlights the narrative as one of the driving features of his images. His use of highly stylised color grading and cinematic framing allows Hensel-Coe a distinct visual language to immerse his viewers in. The images on display come from the editorial shot for KALTBLUT magazine, and it’s considered to be one of his greatest editorial achievements to date; The Garden of Earthly Delights.


“Berlin frequently challenges our expectations of what a city could be like; I’m documenting evidence of a place with very different civic values.” - V. Hensel-Coe



Kule Kunsthaus | 08.2020

Berlin is Wonderland (Solo exhibition.) 


Galerie SLP | 08.2022

Category is... Pride ( Group exhb.)



Victor Hensel-Coe (British, Born 1992)

University of South Wales (2011)



2014 Austere Magazine: Hybridity Fashion Editorial


2015 MASCULAR Mag: The Seven Deadly Virtues p116


2016 Attitude: HIV- Outliving a Death Sentence


2016-17 Attitude: “The Word on the Street”  Club Photography (Print Only)

  • #276 “Savage” 

  • #278 “San Francisco”

  • #279 “Duckie” 

  • #280 “The Eagle” 

  • #284 “Glitterbox” 

  • #289 “XXL” 


2017 Attitude #277: Living with HIV Editorial


2017 Attitude #278: Max Wallis - Print Only 


2017 Attitude #280: Jamie Meets Jamie


2017 Attitude #280: Body Beautiful Editorial


2017 Attitude #279: Virgin Atlantic


2017 Attitude #281: Gender Non-Binary


2017 Attitude #284: GCHQ Feature, Real Bodies 


2017 Attitude #285: Cottaging Feature, Man of the Month, Mortimer Market Clinic 


2017 Attitude #287: Gods Own Country and Mighty Hoopla Pictures


2017 Attitude #298: Real Bodies- Stealers Rugby Team


2017 Attitude #290: Editor Adam’s Transformational Photography 

2016 QX Cover: Cazaleon


2016 QX Cover: Lewis G Burton


2016 QX Cover: Sadie Sinner


2017 QX Cover: The Nightbus


2017 QX Cover: Daniel Lismore


2017 QX Cover: Willam

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