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Rhythms of Identity | 02.09-30.09.2023


Martin Dreves Castillo


Galerie Sara Lily Perez's captivating tribute to Hispanic Heritage. We honor Colombia's artistic traditions through the works of Martin Dreves Castillo, also known as Murt. This exhibition fosters cross-cultural understanding and appreciation in the community. 

The exhibition will explore identity in the Hispanic community, showcasing diverse artistic styles, techniques, and narratives that reflect this cultural identity. 

In celebration of Murt's remarkable talent and heritage. Murt's artworks capture Colombian culture with vibrant landscapes, captivating portraits, and stirring narratives. 

Immerse in Murt's art for vivid colors, symbolism, and emotions. His artistic style blends traditional techniques with contemporary elements, creating a captivating and thought-provoking aesthetic. 

This exhibition includes stunning paintings and a curated collection of merchandise inspired by Murt's artwork. Murt's creations, from prints to accessories, capture his artistic vision, letting you bring home a piece of his extraordinary artistry. Galerie SLP invites you to explore this exceptional showcase of Hispanic Heritage's beauty and diversity. Explore Murt's captivating art and celebrate the diverse cultural influences that shape our global artistic landscapes. 

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