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Power of Confidence | 06.05 - 27.05.2023​


Irina Maksymova, Oleksii Shcherbak, Oleksandr Barbolin, Taras Haida, Kateryna Komendant, Rita Maikova & Dzvinya Podlyashetska.


A captivating group exhibition with some of  Ukraine’s most acclaimed emerging artists. In collaboration with Tuasho Agency's latest book release, "Emerging Art in Ukraine," the first full-fledged publication about contemporary young art in Ukraine. "Power of Confidence" offers a unique opportunity to witness the artistic brilliance of Ukraine, showcasing a stunning range of works that span from mesmerizing collages to awe-inspiring large-scale paintings. Each artwork tells a compelling story, reflecting the rich cultural heritage and contemporary perspectives of Ukraine.  With bold themes, masterful techniques, and unwavering confidence in their craft, these artists have emerged as trailblazers in the contemporary art scene, pushing boundaries and inspiring positive new perspectives.

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