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Why celebrate Women Artists?

International Women's Month is not only important for celebrating women's contributions to the arts, but also for raising awareness of the ongoing challenges that women face in the art world. Women are often underrepresented in major museum collections and exhibitions, and they may also face discrimination in terms of funding and gallery representation.

By focusing on female artists, we can support women artists, and encourage young girls to pursue their passions in the arts. It also provides an opportunity for women to connect with one another and share their experiences and perspectives, fostering a sense of community and solidarity. Through this, we can create an inclusive narrative, a safe space to talk about mental health, sexuality, and what it entails to be and become a woman in this day and age. We want to open up the discussion on what our place in society is. What it historically meant and how it shaped our culture, and us as individuals.

International Women's Month at Galerie SLP is an important occasion that celebrates and recognizes the achievements of women artists and their contributions to the arts. The art world has historically been dominated by male artists, and it has been difficult for female-identifying artists to gain recognition and opportunities to showcase their work. International Women's Month helps to highlight the work of women artists, promote gender equality in the arts, and provide a platform for women to present their creativity.

- Véro Seibert

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