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Beyond Reach |14.10-18.11.2023


Christian Achenbach, Wei Tan, Jack Hughes


Galerie Sara Lily Perez invites you to the new exhibition, titled BEYOND REACH: Navigating Longing in the Modern World, an exploration of human connections in the digital age and will feature works by artists Christian Achenbach, Wei Tan, and Jack Hughes.


BEYOND REACH dives into the profound desire for authentic human connections against the backdrop of virtual relationships and the need for physical touch. The selection of the artworks delves into the impact of isolation, urbanization, and technological progress on our personal relationships, providing a compelling reflection on modern loneliness and the delicate bonds that tie us together.

This exhibition invites visitors to reconsider contemporary concepts of closeness and distance and highlights the paradox of our hyper-connected yet emotionally distant lives. BEYOND REACH: Navigating Longing in the Modern World will run from October 14th to November 18th at Galerie Sara Lily Perez.

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