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lives and works in London, UK. Perrone’s journey into photography has long been intertwined with his career in hospitality and mixology. Since taking over the reins of the famed Connaught Bar in London in 2008, Perrone's photography, much like his cocktails, has become a blend of creativity, humanity, and the art of capturing ephemeral moments. The bars he worked in and visited became his studios, and through his lens, he delved deeper into the essence of these vibrant scenes and the personalities that inhabit them. His photographs become a celebration of quiet emotion, capturing life as it unfolds, without waiting for the perfect moment.

The common thread in Perrone's work is its pace and spontaneity. His works are a blend of action and stillness, inviting the viewer to engage closely and uncover the layers of stories within each frame. He captures what he sees within the lively atmosphere of the hospitality venues he so loves, what he lives, and what connects him to his emotions, resulting in images imbued with a sense of immediacy and life.

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