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Affirmations / Futuristic Symbiosis | 16.12 - 30.1.2024


Johanna Marika Thoms | Doopiidoo Blending Human Creativity and AI Artistry


Affirmations / Futuristic Symbiosis is an enthralling exhibition that marks a new era in the collaboration between human creativity and artificial intelligence. This showcase brings together the distinctive works of Johanna Marika Thoms and Doopiidoo, artists renowned for their unique approaches to blending traditional art forms with futuristic concepts.

When combined, " Affirmations / Futuristic Symbiosis" implies a future state where humans and AI coexist in a mutually beneficial relationship, enhancing and expanding the capabilities of one another exploring the integration of human artistic expression with AI-generated art, suggesting a future where these two realms are not in conflict, but instead, work together in a synergistic and collaborative way.

In "Affirmations / Futuristic symbiosis," the collaboration between Thoms and Doopiidoo presents a compelling juxtaposition. Thoms' expressive, abstract splash art contrasts with Doopiidoo's structured, AI-generated human portraits, creating a dialogue between the chaotic beauty of human creativity and the calculated precision of artificial intelligence. This exhibition is a testament to the evolving synergy between human artistic expression and the burgeoning capabilities of AI, pointing towards a future where these two realms enrich and enhance each other in unforeseen ways.

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