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Based in Vermont, United States and having graduated from Tyler School of Art with a Fine Arts degree in Sculpture and Textiles, Sienna Martz is a Fabric Artist whose practice is firmly rooted in principles of sustainability and a steadfast determination to challenge the status quo of consumerism. At the core of Martz's artistic vision is a deep-seated commitment to dismantling the environmentally harmful practices that permeate the textile and fashion industries, two of the highest polluting sectors globally. Inspired by the rhythmic elegance of the ocean, Martz harnesses a diverse regalia of plant-based, recycled, and upcycled materials, from secondhand clothing and mushroom foam to kapok fiber and organic fabrics, to produce vibrant, coral-inspired pieces. Sienna Martz seamlessly weaves her ethics into the very fibers of her artworks, seamlessly blending traditional techniques with contemporary approaches to forge a harmonious, visually soothing aesthetic. She invites her audience to reckon with the sobering realities of waste and environmental degradation, while simultaneously providing the beauty of the transformative potential that lies within a more sustainable future.

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