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Dijana Sulic | Lakshmi

Dijana Sulic | Lakshmi

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Hand wound ancient Indian “Dzi” beads, 19th c., found in Senegal Antique Czech/Bohemian oval beads found in Senegal, 19th c. Ebony wood sphere with copper and silver inlaid decoration from Mali, 19th c. Ebony wood prayer beads with silver inlaid lines from Mauritania, late 19th c. Clay Spindle Whorl bead from Mali, mid 20th c. Recycled glass beads from Ghana, mid 20th c. Antique Tuareg silver beads from Mali, 19th c. Vintage Indian black agate beads found in Senegal, 20th c.


2252.1€ inc Vats 19% 2680€

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