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Manuela Sambo was born in Luanda, Angola in 1964. In 1984 Sambo moved into the former German Democratic Republic and studied between 1985 and 1993 at Leipzig University. Since 1991 Manuela Sambo has exhibited as a visual artist. Currently the artist lives and works in Berlin. Since her debut in 1991 at Galerie am Turm, Cottbus, Germany, Sambo has consistently explored diverse themes and mediums. Notable exhibitions include "ROTATION" in 1999, "Afrik Arc en Ciel" in 1999, and "32 artists from 32 Soccer World Cup countries" in 2005. In 2011, "JUST ONE" at ARTCO Gallery marked a pivotal solo exhibition. International recognition grew with participation in "Art 14" in 2014 and "Alsos Known As Africa" in 2015. Recent highlights include LIBERTAS at ARTCO Gallery, Berlin, and the Falkenrot Preis in 2020, solidifying Sambo's global artistic presence. Her work, a blend of cultural influences, addresses contemporary issues, fostering a universal dialogue.


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