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Growing up in the Romanian countryside, Mădălina's artistic journey began amidst the vibrant nature and rich biodiversity that surrounded her. From a young age, she immersed herself in the practice of observing nature and finding inspiration in the natural world. Her father, a skilled wood sculptor, was her first artistic influence. Watching her father transform raw wood into expressive sculptures instilled in her a sense of wonder and admiration for the creative process. His dedication to his craft and his ability to infuse life into his works inspired Mădălina deeply and sparked her interest in art. After studying architecture in college, she decided against it, unsatisfied with the minimal artistic expression that architecture offered her. Mădălina now explores the often-overlooked beauty of ordinary plant leaves found in everyday environments, transcending objective representation to create art that is evocative, spiritual, and symbolic. Drawing from her architectural practice, she depicts plant leaves as monuments of nature, seen from a curated, often surreal lens and architectural perspective.

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