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Lars Deike was born in 1963 into two publishing families in Constance. His love of photography has been with him for a long time and so he decided to study photography in Los Angeles. Back in Germany, in 2001 the artist opened a photo studio in Munich. There, the focus of his work was the male body in the interplay of light and shadow.


Numerous exhibitions in Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Berlin, Cologne, London, and Hamburg have made him a fixture in the field of erotic male photography in Germany. Lilo Wanders showed Deike's pictures on her show True Love. In 2008 Lars Deike discovered his love for painting. Thematically, he ties in with his past as a photographer and banishes the male body in erotic play, usually larger than life, on canvas. For the first time at VENUS in Berlin, he also showed nudes of women.


In Berlin, the artist supports social projects, among other things by auctioning off original works of art.


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