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DÖRTE BUNDT is a fiber artist who balances the border between fine arts, craft and design. Using traditional techniques such as knotting, weaving, and pottery, Dörte creates unique artworks using sustainable, predominantly plant-based materials. Having made substantial contributions to artistic, private, and commercial projects worldwide, Dörte approaches her craft with boundless curiosity, and is determined to redefine and reimagine textures, places and emotions, in which fiber arts can habitate. Inspired by a diverse array of influences, from the avant-garde spirit of Bauhaus to the laid-back vibes and timeless elegance of 1970s West Coast Mid-Century design, along with the untamed beauty surrounding the Baltic Sea—her childhood home—Dörte explores a rich palette of materials. From recycled cotton and silk, to raffia, agave fiber, wood, and ceramics, she seamlessly merges the traditional with the contemporary.

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