Vasil Berela




Born in 1986 in Gori, Georgia. At the time Georgia became independent, which meant a difficult economic and political situation, a civil war and territorial annexation by Russia. For Berela as a child, art was like another world to escape into, giving himself over completely to escapism and ignoring the comic reality. In 2004, Berela started studying architecture at the Academy of Arts in Tbilisi, but soon realised it wasn't for him, dropped out and started improving his knowledge of art and art history by himself. In 2008, there was another war in his city, Russia bombed Georgia for four days, and during that time he decided to leave the country because since he 

didn't see any prospects for myself as an artist and as a human being. In Germany, he continued to work on classical painting as an autodidact. In 2014, he needed a new challenge and started studying sculpture and later became a teacher.