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Crissían Chen is a gay Taiwanese-American artist who is currently based in Berlin. He was born in 1982 in Red Bank, New Jersey, in the USA. Half of Chen's childhood was spent in Florida, where he earned a BA in Anthropology from the University of Central Florida. Despite originally planning on applying to UCF as a film major, he would eventually return to the arts around 2008 in Los Angeles, just after the loss of Proposition 8. It became a catalyst for the need to return to his creative activities which was nurtured at Pasadena City College, where he received a certificate in Photography. In 2012 he moved to Baltimore where he attended the Maryland Institute of College of Arts and received his MFA in Photographic and Electronic Media in 2014. Crissían was a recipient of the Launch Artist Baltimore Grant and took part in assisting Sight Unseen, a Baltimore based Film Club. After moving around from different cities around the world, he finally came to Berlin in 2018.  In 2021, he had his first solo show with Gallerie SLP.



Galerie SLP | 2021

 | Solo exhibition


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Crissían Chen

(Taiwanese-American, Born 1982)



University of South Wales

2014 Austere Magazine: Hybridity Fashion Editorial


2015 MASCULAR Mag: The Seven Deadly Virtues p116


2016 Attitude: HIV- Outliving a Death Sentence


2016-17 Attitude: “The Word on the Street”  Club Photography (Print Only)

  • #276 “Savage” 

  • #278 “San Francisco”

  • #279 “Duckie” 

  • #280 “The Eagle” 

  • #284 “Glitterbox” 

  • #289 “XXL” 


2017 Attitude #277: Living with HIV Editorial


2017 Attitude #278: Max Wallis - Print Only 


2017 Attitude #280: Jamie Meets Jamie


2017 Attitude #280: Body Beautiful Editorial


2017 Attitude #279: Virgin Atlantic


2017 Attitude #281: Gender Non-Binary


2017 Attitude #284: GCHQ Feature, Real Bodies 


2017 Attitude #285: Cottaging Feature, Man of the Month, Mortimer Market Clinic 


2017 Attitude #287: Gods Own Country and Mighty Hoopla Pictures


2017 Attitude #298: Real Bodies- Stealers Rugby Team


2017 Attitude #290: Editor Adam’s Transformational Photography 

2016 QX Cover: Cazaleon


2016 QX Cover: Lewis G Burton


2016 QX Cover: Sadie Sinner


2017 QX Cover: The Nightbus


2017 QX Cover: Daniel Lismore


2017 QX Cover: Willam