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Barbara Nowy's big themes are the sea and the landscapes. Born in Bremen, she likes hiking and feels very connected to nature:

"I am nature, I think!" she says about herself. She lived in West Berlin for decades. After the reunification, the artist was able to satisfy her longing for the great outdoors in Mecklenburg.


The painter finds an almost ideal combination of land and water in the target. This is not an accounting inconvenience, but a geological curiosity in Mecklenburg. A target is an earth hole filled with water. These small pools were created from ice blocks and enliven the landscape like eyes a face. They are often found in the vicinity of the village of Schwaan. Sometimes the sölle are bounded by steep earth walls, created from composted heathlands, pines and sand. In the painting of such a so-called "pottsoll" the shades of blue and green contrast with dark brown and beige.


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