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Andreas Hachulla, born in 1980 in Leipzig, pursued architecture studies at the Technical University of Darmstadt from 2000 to 2007. Currently residing in Berlin, he works as an architect and also expresses his artistic talents as a freelance artist. Growing up as the child of a prominent figure in the "Leipziger Schule," he experienced the unique realities of a household immersed in the artistic world of East Germany. Witnessing the transformation of Leipzig and embracing the flourishing techno culture, these experiences profoundly influence his creative works. Hachulla's art primarily consists of digital drawings that beautifully capture the vibrant nightlife scenes of both Leipzig and Berlin. His style pays homage to digital impressionism and draws inspiration from the plein air painting of the 19th century. Additionally, being an active member of the techno and metal scenes, his artwork delves into subcultural niches, providing fascinating glimpses into these lesser-known worlds.


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