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Andrea Galad is an Italian visual artist and choreographer based in Berlin. Early on, he showed a great aptitude for drawing, for lines and images as well as a peculiar interest in deadly aesthetics and the monster theme. After his graduation from art school, he started his formation as a contemporary dancer. The center of Andrea’s research revolves around the concept of Love and Dead, Eros and Tanathos; the balance and conflict between the two, and their final fusion, where Love and Loss become a powerful state and creative force. The combination of opposing energies kept molding the artist's life unmercifully, giving birth to a macabre and yet erotic visual style, filled with beautiful monsters and intense emotions. His innate passion for art history, classical mythology, occult sciences, and Victorian literature gave him the visual tool and inspiration to create images filled with silent details and narrations creating his style. His ability to portray the fine line between the sensual and the sexual creates images that trigger with peace and turn on with elegance.


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